Increasing Vacation Rentals By Installing A Pool Heater

Not only is a swimming pool heater a nice commodity, especially when the weather is not hot, they can add extra value to your in-ground pool area. This is especially true if you rent for vacations and there may be potential users who will not dare to use the pool unless the water is heated. If you are considering adding a pool heater but not yet sure it it is a good idea, here are a few questions you can ask yourself.

1. What Months Is The Pool Used Most Often?

Especially if living in a location in the Snowbelt, a pool heater will extend the amount of time in which that pool can be used, it will probably add around at least a month at the beginning and another month at the end of summer. Pools in the sunbelt areas naturally have warmer water for a more extended time frame, however vacationers may also appreciate having a pool heater to take the bite out of the water during their stay.

2. During the Day, Does Your Pool Receive Full Sunlight?

If the answer is yes you may not necessarily need the pool heater or perhaps a solar pool heater will do the trick. That being said remember that everyone is different, the water temperatures that one person may tolerate could be intolerable to the next. If you have a house for vacation rentals you really have no idea who will prefer what so having a pool heater may make vacations more enticing for those who are more comfortable taking a dip in warmer temperatures. It can also get your home more bookings.

3. Will the Pool Even be Used Without a Pool Heater?

Many times there are pool owners whose pools are not getting used much, even when rentals are booked. This may be because they have no form of pool heating. The amount of money it takes to install your own pool is quite large, if it is not being used you can potentially be losing out on rentals due having no pool heater which is a waste of a very pricey investment.

Especially just before and after the summer season, people will know what the temperatures are like in your state, especially if its not in the sunbelt. This may cause them to make the judgement call that your house is nice because it has a pool, but its a waste of their money as the water will be too cold without a heater.

If you believe that you can increase your vacation rentals by installing a pool heater then do not wait any longer. Have a professional assess your personal pool area and set up and advise you on the best type of pool heater for you. This is something that you want done properly so you can really make the most of it and increase your vacation rentals.

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