Giving The Pool The Once Over

Cleaning leaves out of the pool is an easy job. You can fish them out with a net or let them drift into a leaf basket. This is a routine every other day sort of job, and it might just mean you empty the skimmer basket, or spend 2 mins picking out leaves. If you have no vegetation near the pool, it might never be an issue.

But regardless you have to give the floor the once over every now and then, depending on how frequently the pool is used and how many people use it. Contaminants also travel by air and they can make their way into your pool or get dropped by birds and transported by pets, even if you dont own any.

You can use either a manual pool vacuum for the job or get an automatic cleaner. There are a few choices when it comes to pool vacs of the auto kind. There are suction and pressure side cleaners. Suction side cleaners are generally the cheapest. They use the filtration system built into your pool. But this can easily get damaged if the automatic cleaner sucks up a rock or a piece of hard debris.

Pressure side cleaners run using the return water line and capture the debris they collect in an attached bag. You then manually empty it by hand. But you can put the cleaner to work by itself after you attach it to the return waterline jet.

Some pressure side and suction side cleaners need a booster pump. When you are getting to that sort of expense it would nearly be wiser to look into the next and most effective type of pool cleaner.

Robotic cleaners are the best at cleaning all types of pool and rely on their own components (attached to electricity) to collect all the rubbish your pool has to offer. Naturally they are more expensive, but freedom has a price.

Manual pool vacs are the lowest price. You can check up on a pool cleaner comparison website to see comprehensive reviews on current models being sold. You operate a manual pool vac just like a household vacuum cleaner. Just run it over the areas of the pool and rework places that are really dirty.

You can usually attach these cleaners onto the end of a telepole. This will give you the extra reach so you can safely vacuum the pool from the pool deck. You also have to attach a hose to the pump that comes with the cleaner. All in a days work for the pursuit of leisure.

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