Molding Installation

Crown molding is a process of compressing a large family of moldings that are designed to give a stunning glow to the finished top edge in the house. Crown moldings are generally made up of wood that can be painted, stained or left as it is. As the wood tends to expand and contract with the atmospheric changes in humidity, flexible caulks should be used at the joints and bottoms.

crown moldings

Purpose of Installing Crown Molding:

Crown moulding brings a graceful look to the top edge of the room in the house making it is more beautiful and attractive and is generally used for capping walls, plasters and in the creation of interior and exterior base for wall decor. Installing crown molding is a way to add character to a room and add a classy grace to it. It also adds a touch of elegance to the house. It is also used in the door and window hoods in the house.

Measurement of Crown Moldings to be installed:

The height of the ceiling is the negotiator of the size of the crown molding in a room. These crown moldings typically measure between 3 to 20 inches wide depending on the height of the room. Cutting of corners is the hardest part of the installation of crown molding because it fixes at an angle between the wall and the edge of the ceiling. On an average for standard 8 feet high ceilings the crown height should be two and a half to six inches, for 9 feet high ceilings three to seven and a half inches and for 10 feet high ceilings three and a half to eight inches shall be considered.

While the crown is not placed against the wall or against the ceiling, it is actually placed in a format where a hollow triangle’ will be formed. This specific format might be difficult to install because of the cuts involved. In this situation, the customer can go with either the usage of coping saw or for a compound miter saw in order to cut the inside corners. In the first method, the simple miter is taken and to undercut it the coping saw is used. In the second method, the ends of the corner pieces are removed with the help of two axes at the same time.

But to make things easy, the crown moldings come in materials like plastic also which are pretty easy to install. They come with the ready-made corner blocks. To make the process of installation easy they also come with the installation guides which can be followed by the customer to install the crown moldings. If you want to save the trouble of measuring the exact degree or to determine the exact measurement, the coped joints can be used in the inside corners.

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