Its Safer For Constructions Experts To Survey Your Land Before Building A Pool

There are many ways in which a pool can be quite an investment. Not only is there a need to obviously invest cash, you will also have to invest property space, time and energy. When designing a pool there is a lot to take into consideration including legal requirements. In this article we will discuss some things you should consider when designing your pool.

1. Backyard Condition

The conditions of your yard should be taken into consideration when designing your pool. Not only are the dimensions important, you should also consider the slope of your yard, the soil type as well as how accessible it will be for the needed construction equipment to access the area. Although modern day equipment no longer requires that the ground be completely level to install a pool, time and expenses could be a factor if it were.

A building and pool construction agent will survey your land for you and tell you what the options are. This service is offered here: Keep in mind there are lots of building, electrical and plumbing regulations specific to your area. A construction company can green light your project a lot faster than anyone else and make sure it meets all legal requirements.


The last thing you would want to have to do is tear your new swimming pool up or not be able to sell your home as youve breached health and safety regulations. Not only are there building regulations, but also plumbing, electrical and gas regulations all come into play with a pool. Its always best to consult with established experts in this field who are used to doing this.

2. Size

The size of a pool is mainly a personal preference and choice, there are people who prefer a yard in the pool area while others like to completely eliminate the grass and have a pool and patio kind of setting. It is important to make sure that you abide by all the zoning obligations such as barriers, fencing, the pool depth requirements if you were to install a diving board proximity to utility lines, set-backs etc. It is important that your contractor be up to date on these subjects so they can properly handle the process as well as keep you informed.

3. Safety

The number one concern for anyone designing a pool should of course be safety of its users. Not only is consistent supervision at all times an absolute must in order to ensure the safety of children but also proper enclosures which will prevent children, pets and even wildlife from wandering too close to the pool.

There are many specialty products which are easily available on the market such as high-tech laser technologies, water alarms, safety covers and an array of personal safety accessories such as pool floats, life jackets etc. Take your family or those who will be using the pool into consideration while designing your pool.

4. Insurance

The insurance coverage for swimming pools should be included in your homeowners insurance. There are insurance companies who will raise the premiums for those who own a swimming pool and others who will not. Prior to designing your pool make sure you discuss this subject with your insurance agent. Find out if your building contractor has the necessary insurance should your job got disastrously wrong. You dont want to be out a small fortune if your pool or heaven forbid your house collapses. Heard of sink holes?

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