Interior Designer Job Description And Average Salary

Interior designers are responsible for creating decoration schemes. The market for interior designers and decorators has steadily increased over the years.

More and more people these days are choosing to become interior designers or interior decorators. Since it is becoming such a desirable position, the job title can now demand quite an impressive salary. Like most jobs, education, relevant experience and amount of years in the field all play key roles in what can be expected in the way of salary.

Type of Interior Designers

There are several different types of interior designers. Some interior designers specialize in residential home decoration and design. Others choose a more commercial approach, and might start adviser clients in store, like I did at Some interior designers choose to work exclusively in commercial settings like offices, small businesses, etc. Either way, their duties are primarily the same.

Duties of an Interior Designer

Interior designers make plans and design decoration schemes for the home, office, etc. They make recommendations on color schemes, lighting, paint, furniture layout, and floor coverings. They provide sketches and cost estimates for clients. Sometimes, they will supervise installations during renovations. Interior designers often get mistaken for interior decorators who have undergone much less training and have not achieved certification.

Interior Designer Salary

A typical interior designer can earn a salary anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000 per year depending on experience. Obviously, someone new to the field should expect to earn a salary on the lower end of the spectrum, whereas someone who has been in the field for over twenty years can expect to earn a salary much higher than that. In this field, bonuses can usually be expected each year ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $8,000 also depending on experience. Interior designers should not usually expect any level of profit sharing in the field.

Interior Designer Benefits

Like most salaried positions, interior designers usually enjoy several benefits in the realms of vacation and health insurance. The average interior designer can expect around one to two and a half weeks of vacation time a year depending on the time put in with a company. Offerings of benefits such as medical, dental and optical vary from company to company.

Required Interior Designer Educational Attainment

Interior designers usually have a background in a field related to interior design. A lot of companies require their interior designers to have some level of higher education however, past relevant experience is usually biggest determining factor in hiring. Again, required training is much more when compared to an interior decorator.

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