Impact Of Dirt On Office Floors

Most people do not pay attention to what is beneath their feet. We generally overlook the floors in our offices, so we do not really get to see what is going on under the feet. Yet, office floors are one of the dirtiest places in offices. The dirt, germs, and dust that employees track into the office lands on the floors. If you discard anything incorrectly or spill things accidentally, they usually end up on the floors too. The dirt may seem like an insignificant issue; however, the repercussions of working on a dirty floor may be harmful to your business in different ways.

Dirty floors affect the health of the employees. When employees get sick, they usually ask for sick leave. The more the office floor is dirty, the more sick days off the employees require since the employees could be the first to suffer the repercussions. The employees will start complaining of health issues such as respiratory complications (such as asthma), allergies, skin irritation, and hay fever.

If the carpet fibres trap dirt and dust particles, the fibres may get agitated when people walk on the carpet. The particles may then be released into the air, and employees will breathe it in eventually. When employees are unhealthy, they also become less productive. They lack the energy and the vigour to perform their daily tasks efficiently and effectively.

If your business is affected by multiple health complications, you will be forced to spend time and resources managing the sick staff as the owner. The ill employees will incur costs; thus, you will have to use more money to replace them or pay higher medical insurance premiums for them if their absenteeism increases due to illnesses.

Your work projects may get delayed or halted if a member of the work team is on sick leave due to Illnesses. If the business does not meet the deadlines, it will be affected negatively. Employees also find it hard to work in dirty and grimy floors environment. The poor working conditions could deter them from reporting to work, and they will be distracted and lose focus and concentration.

The impact of dirty floors in the office can be detrimental, and this is why we recommend using a microfiber mop to keep the workplace clean and free of dirt and germs. These mops are available from A microfiber mop works efficiently and requires less water for use. The floors will hence dry out faster, preventing slip-and-fall accidents in the office. Using water only and a microfiber mop has proven to remove 98 percent of bacteria and viruses on the floor, thus keeping the workplace environment safe.

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