Crown Molding

When you are looking for something which will be a good finishing to the top edge and which stays classy then crown molding is the answer to it. Crown molding actually consists of a variety of moldings which are purposely made to give a good finishing. They are mainly used in the case of capping walls and also for cabinets as well as pilasters. It is also used for the creation of interior as well as the exterior cornice assemblies. In addition to that, the door and the window hoods also make use of it.
But as of now, in the present times, the crown moldings have mainly been used as a decorated plaster. In some cases, it is also used as wooden trim in the regions where the walls and the ceilings meet.

When considering the area of trim, the crown will always take the first place. With the addition of baseboards, chair rails, and the casings they are able to make a great impression. It is achieved with the remarkable curves and with the unique angles. With the help of these amazing moldings, the room’s stature can be elevated to a great extent. People will always look up to the ceiling because of the polished space which will capture everyone’s attention.dreamwalldecor
The use of crown âs started off in the Greek period itself.

There were several changes made in the usage of crowns from that period, which was around 2500 years back. The primary change is with the materials. In the earlier case, the heavy stones were used. But now more lightweight materials are considered. These materials are malleable and in some cases, wood is also used. While many people prefer to go with these options there are many others who choose to go for their own materials. The moldings might sometimes be taken from foam and from flexible polyurethane.

What about Installation?

While the crown is not placed against the wall or against the ceiling, it is actually placed in a format where a âhollow triangle’ will be formed. This specific format might be difficult to install because of the cuts involved. In this situation, the customer can go with either the usage of coping saw or for a compound miter saw in order to cut the inside corners. In the first method, the simple miter is taken and to undercut it the coping saw is used. In the second method, the ends of the corner pieces are removed with the help of two axes at the same time.

But to make things easy, the crown moldings come in materials like plastic also which are pretty easy to install. They come with the ready-made corner blocks. To make the process of installation easy they also come with the installation guides which can be followed by the customer to install the crown moldings. If you want to save the trouble of measuring the exact degree or to determine the exact measurement, the coped joints can be used in the inside corners.

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