Choosing The Right 4000 Inner Spring Mattress

What to Look For in a Great Innerspring Mattress

Taking the time to buy the right 4000 innerspring mattress could very well be the first step in getting a good night’s sleep. Innersprings are among the most common mattresses in the market, and although the ‘classic’ Bonnell coil spring has graced stores around the world for decades, innerspring manufacturers have, in recent years, successfully developed new coil springs that offer more comfort and durability for customers.

Gone are the days where the number of coil springs determined the quality of the innerspring. Innovative coil design and construction, along with improved tempering techniques, ensure customers enjoy a high-quality product with fewer coils.

Innerspring Mattress and Coil Count Standards
Although new innovations make coil count less important, many innerspring vendors still agree on a minimum number of coil springs needed for a decent innerspring mattress. As a general rule, an innerspring with less than 300 coils isn’t a good product. New innovation in coil design or construction cannot make up the deficit in quality for any innerspring with less than 300 coils.

If less isn’t better, then what about having more? A greater number of coil springs doesn’t necessarily translate into a better product either. In many cases, too many coils often indicates that the coil system count isn’t very strong. Innerspring mattress shoppers need to look at the quality of mattress springs, not just the quantity.

The Anatomy of Coil Springs

Coils springs are thin metal wires twisted into springs that make up the innerspring mattress. Gauge refers to the thickness of the wire used to construct the coil. The lower the gauge the thicker the wire. The thicker the wire, the more firm the mattress will be. Working Turns refers to how tight the coil is wound. A higher number indicates more turns in the spring which make for a softer, more durable mattress. Tempering is the process that keeps the coil spring in shape. Double-heated tempering offers makes for a durable coil spring that is more likely to retain its shape over the years.

The Shape of the Coil Springs

How the coils springs are arranged through shape and design will be a key factor in how comfortable, supportive and durable the innerspring mattress will be. The Offset Coil is an improvement on the original coil design called the Bonnell Coil. These coils are hourglass shaped; offset coils are more expensive, but conform better to the body. You can find some great coil mattresses at this 4000 spring mattress sale.

Pocketed Coils or “Marshall Coils” are coils individually wrapped in fabric pockets. Separating the springs allows for the same comfort and support as other innersprings with more motion separation. Continous Coils have the highest coil count than any innerspring mattress. Each coil is attached through a series of loose S-shaped ringlets thereby creating a stronger, more durable sleep mattress.

Buying the right innerspring mattress isn’t a matter of looking for one with the most coils. Recent breakthroughs have afforded shoppers more choice in how to best secure a good night’s sleep with their new innerspring mattress. Taking the time to consider how these changes will affect the sleeper is well worth the effort, considering the fact that buying the best sleep mattress is perhaps one of the biggest decisions consumers will make per decade.

Comfort, support and durability are the three main criteria to take into account when shopping for a new mattress. If innersprings don’t seem to be the right fit, then perhaps it would be wise to take the time to get an overview of the many types of mattresses on the market.

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