Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Compact, Cheap & Efficient

Cleaning is a chore, but it does not always have to be. Just as an angler needs a good lure or an artist needs the perfect brush, anyone who vacuums deserves to work with the best tools to get the job done.

Put simply, a bagless vacuum cleaner is the best place for them to start. They are compact, cheaper to run, cleaner and more technologically advanced than their bag-dependent counterparts are.

The Pros of a Bagless Vacuum

Bagless vacuums offer many features that vacuums with bags do not have. The biggest pro however is the cost-effectiveness of not using a bag. In rough economic times, families and consumers alike are looking for ways to cut down on costs especially the unnecessary cost of purchasing extra bags.

With mortgage payments, car payments, phone bills and electric bills, the last thing people need to be worrying about is their vacuum cleaner creating a monthly expense. Once it is purchased, a bagless vacuum is self-sustaining. All the user needs to do is empty the dirt cup and it is as good as new.

Granted, the filter on a bagless vacuum does need to be changed periodically, but the cost of bags outweighs the amount of money a user is likely to spend on replacement filters for their bagless companion. Beyond that, some companies have developed technologies that eliminate the need for replacement filters: the standard filters included with the unit are guaranteed to last its lifetime. Bagless vacuums also dont lose suction during use.

When using a bag, dirt and dust build up inside and actually block the vacuums ability to pull air through effectively. Bagless dirt cups remove dirt from the airflow while still allowing it to move through with power.

Another major part of cleaning is the satisfaction that comes with getting the job done. With their clear dirt cups, bagless vacuums let users actually see the dirt they are sucking from their carpet. It is very fulfilling to get rid of the dirt inside, to see it build up and be able to throw it away. When using a bag, users are denied the great and satisfying feeling of seeing their work in progress.

Proper Use of a Bagless Vacuum

Like any other quality appliance, bagless vacuums need to be maintained. One of the most obvious is to empty the dirt cup regularly. To reduce the risk of damage and to ensure that it functions at peak performance, the dirt cup should be emptied prior to each use. A damp cloth can be used to wipe the inside of the cup, though it is not necessary.

Less often, users should remove and clean the vacuums bristles. Hair and lint can build up inside them and reduce the vacuums ability to dig dirt out of rugs and carpets. A scissor or small blade can be used carefully to cut away anything trapped in the bristles. After that, the vacuum will be at peak performance.

Cleaning or replacing the filter is the last thing an owner needs to do when caring for their bagless vacuum. A clean filter ensures that even the smallest dirt particles and allergens are scrubbed from the air and trapped. Some filters can be cleaned, while others simply need to be replaced. It all depends on the make and model of the vacuum, and information about filter care and replacement can be found on the companys website.


Bagless vacuums are a better option than their bagged cousins are. They are cheaper and provide users with a better vacuuming experience. Users can actually see what they are sucking up and it is much easier to get a small toy or piece of jewelry that was accidentally vacuumed up from a bagless vacuum than it is to rip open a dusty bag. Saving people money and cleaning their carpets better, bagless vacuums have it all in the bag.

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