What To Ask And Find Out About The Security Guard Training Level

Its good to inform the security service provider what they will be guarding before you hire one. Maybe you have plans to secure your library, and weapons may not be required for this. And hence sending armed guards for a library may be a waste of resources while making you pay high and extra. It may also happen that you need protection for your jewelry store. In that case you would need armed guards mostly. And sending unarmed guards will not help.

To know the strength of the security company, and how many guards they will be able to send in for you, with what kind of arms and protection, protective gear and communication are the points which you should be discussing with the company.

The training matters

Not all security companies give training to their officers the needed way. Some security guards may be good for your safety only till they have a baton or rifle at hand, while there are security guards who would be helpful for you whether they are armed or not. Its all in the training of the guards, which builds their eyesight, perception, ability to understand changes in sounds and noise, situation and crowd etc, and the mental toning to react to any crises with blazing fast speed and decision making capacity.

A guard actually goes through many such nerve wrecking situations and trainings by the security company to get ready for taking the job role. Hence you must ask the company about the profile of the guard thy will send to you, how old he is in the industry, his areas of expertise etc.

While not all security guards will be martial art trained and self defense expert, you may expect to get at least one or two among five you are hiring.

What your staffs would think of the security arrangement

Your staff would get the best boost in mind power while attending such an office or workplace where they will not have to feel insecure as civilians. It will show in the body language, expression and standing style of a good security guard that he is not just posing, but actually has the ability to face challenges. When your workers will find out the security in and around office, they will know that the minimum 8 hours they spend at the organization are apparently their safe hours when they are secure.

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