Vinyl Wallpapers

When these wallpapers hit the market, they were an immediate success. This has not changed even till date. The popularity of vinyl wallpaper seems to continue. These wallpapers are not only made of washable synthetic material, but they also have a variety of pattern designs. All this makes these wallpapers versatile. These features add to the several advantages of the wallpaper also making it apt for any kind of environment. These wallpapers become an apt choice for the rooms which have a high level of humidity.

This means that the vinyl wallpapers are the right choice for bathrooms and kitchens. They are also suitable for the staircase, kid’s rooms and for the hallways. These wallpapers will also suit the dry areas like the basements. The vinyl wallpapers are slowly replacing the glass fiber wallpapers which seemed to be indestructible earlier. The factors such as the variety in patterns, color, and the vitality have added to the popularity of the vinyl wallpaper. Since these wallpapers are highly durable and are easy to clean, they have become one of the popular choices in the wallpaper category.

Since there are plenty of options in materials here like wood, tiles, leather, and stone they help in creating an excellent ambiance and bring structure into the room. There are also designer wallpaper options which come with good quality synthetic surfaces and various patterned designs. The three-dimensional effects just make the customers go wow.

The Surface Material:

Usually, the surface material of vinyl wallpapers is the combination of polyvinyl chloride and other thermoplastic synthetic materials. The synthetic wallpapers, vinyl wallpapers, and PVC wallpapers all go hand in hand with each other while there are only a few differences among them.

What about Cleaning?

This is one wallpaper which falls in the washable category. Any synthetic or vinyl wallpaper can be washed easily. This is one of the main reasons as to why the vinyl wallpapers are so popular. Some wallpaper here is water-resistant. Here all the dirt, as well as the stains, can be erased with the help of a damp cloth when dipped in a mild soap solution. However, here, the oil and the fat stains cannot be removed. The scouring agents cannot be applied to the vinyl wall decor.

There is the category of highly wash-resistant vinyl wallpapers where the fat stains and many other stains can be removed. Here too, the scouring agents should not be applied. Under the scrub-resistant category, a soft brush or sponge can be used. Dip this in mild scouring agents and then the cleaning can be smooth. There are also the highly scrub-resistant wallpapers which are similar to scrub-resistant, but end up being much more durable.

Plenty of designs

There are plenty of options in terms of designing and hence you can use your wide imagination here. The floral patterns, tile designs, stripe or polka-dot patterns, people, animals, comic heroes, geometric patterns, beautiful scenery and landscape motifs, imitation wood or stone, Baroque patterns, leather look, abstract, etc are some patterns which can be tried here.

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