Two Major Types Of Cctv Cameras And Their Uses

Prevention is always better than cure, and the same holds for burglaries. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras are key players in lessening the likelihood of your home or business getting targeted by thieves and other uninvited individuals. Because of its ability to record and display a specific area in your property, you can effectively treat them as secondary eyes that will provide much-needed evidence if ever a robber decides to push through with a heist.

Investing in an effective CCTV camera is therefore very important, but for people just starting to delve into this idea, what should they look out for in selecting a CCTV camera that suits them best? First, it is important to note that there are two major types of CCTV cameras, namely the dome cameras and bullet cameras. There are of course a wide variety of specialized and hybrid cameras in between, but for starters, these two overarching types should be understood.

Dome cameras are the most commonly used indoor and outdoor security and surveillance cameras. As its name suggests, this camera is enclosed within a dome-shaped structure that makes it quite difficult to tell which way exactly the camera is facing. This design alone provides good deterrence as criminals will most likely have a hard time knowing whether or not they are being caught on camera.

Another reason why dome cameras are popularly used in many retail stores, hotels, and restaurants is due to its discrete design. No one wants to shop or eat while knowing that a camera is staring straight at them, so the dome camera manages to instill security but not at the expense of costumers comfort as it can easily fade into the background along with fire hydrants and light bulbs.

Bullet cameras, on the other hand, are the kings of outdoor surveillance. Since their primary use is monitoring large traffic areas such as streets, they are built to be extremely durable and resistant to various natural elements. In direct contrast to the dome cameras, bullet cameras are enclosed within elongated lipstick-shaped cases with diameters that can be as small as that of a typical cigar.

Apart from its durability, the main reason why bullet cameras shine best in outdoor surveillance is because of its range. Bullet cameras have more glare-resistant designs and can more accurately monitor and record a larger area than dome cameras. Additionally, because of its fairly straightforward design, bullet cameras are also generally more cost-effective and user-friendly to install.

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