How To Enhance Your Decor In Your New Home

If you have recently moved into a new home and are looking for ideas to enhance your décor then read on. Making the most of what you already have with subtle and inexpensive changes can make a huge difference.

Most people are already aware that lighting is able to help you to improve your mood, however it is also useful in helping you to enhance your décor. Ensure that you light up your homes entrance and dont leave out any rooms that dont have windows or doors to the outside by using artificial lighting such as a suspended lamp. This will be more beneficial than spot lights that can be harsh and make your house feel homelier. Tinted lights are also great for the purpose of making a room feel warmer.

Make wallpaper your best friend
The entrance of your home is what people will see first and is often quite small in comparison to the rest of your home as well as lit poorly. Choose feature wallpaper as a focal point, dont go overboard using it on all the walls, just one area will do and help to open up the small space.

Make your spare corner an office
If theres a corner of your room you have no idea what to do with, why not turn it into an office corner. All you have to do is add a small chair and table and you will be able to turn the spare corner into a very useful feature. Choose a desk that is colourful with storage for keys and mail if you decide to put it into your entrance area.

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Add a graphic rug to your living space

As much as wall decorating can create feature, if your room is quite big and the centre of it seems uninviting why not get a graphic rug. Choose colours that are light so the room does not seem dark and uninviting and choose something that matches your colour scheme for the best effect.

Colour your world

If youre not brave enough to have bright walls then you could always brighten up your living space with bright accessories instead such as flower vases, throws and pillows which can all be bought relatively cheap and can be replaced at very little cost should you want to shake it up a bit later down the line.

Headboard focal point

Although your bedroom is unlikely to a room frequented by visitors, theres nothing wrong with doing it just for you. Rather than decorating the whole room you could find a beautiful headboard as a focal point or opt for one with lights embedded for extra wow factor.

Wall stickers
Wall stickers are not just for childrens rooms for adding cartoons to their décor, there are many other types of wall art just perfect for other rooms in your house too from funny and sweet quotes to flowers, dragons and even full scenery. That little touch can make a big difference to the room and they are very simple to use.

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