Dyson Canister Vacuum Cleaner

If you or anyone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, you know how important it is to keep floors and surfaces dust, dirt and allergen free. Many vacuum cleaners today still use a bag system to collect the dirt from your home and trap it inside and let air out through tiny holes in the bag. Unfortunately these holes quickly get clogged and hinder airflow, which results in your vacuum losing suction.

Dyson Canister vacuum cleaners do no rely on the old bag system. This unique technology spins the air at such a high speed that the dirt and dust actually flings easily into the clear bin. In this way, a Dyson canister vacuum will not lose suction power enabling it to remove more dust and allergens and leaving only clean air to be expelled.

Unlike a Dyson canister vacuum, many vacuums with the old bag system arent capable of holding all the dust that is picked up and ends up venting it back into your home.

A Dyson canister vacuum uses the unique Dyson cyclone technology, which is 99.9% proficient in separating the dust and dirt being picked up. The result is your Dyson vacuum is able to release clean air and contains up to 150 times less bacteria and mold that the air we breathe. This unique Root Cyclone technology works in several ways. It separates pet hair and fibers from the airflow and deposits them into the bin using centrifugal forces of 500G. As well, an even tighter cyclone extracts particles that are as small as bacteria so that by the time the air leaves your Dyson canister Vacuum it is clean.

Conventional uprights use four wheels that are fixed on the bottom of the machine making maneuvering around corners and other obstacles virtually impossible. The Dyson canister vac uses ball technology, which allows you to steer around any obstacle without having to push and pull. Another unique feature is that the motor is inside the ball, giving it a lower centre of gravity that gives it even better maneuvering capability.

The Dyson canister vacuum is also carbon free. Old conventional electric motors are still bulky and can be fragile with brushes wearing down and emitting carbon dust. The motor in your Dyson canister vacuum is digital and is controlled by a microchip spinning at 98,000 rpm. This is actually five times faster than a Formula 1 car engine. Because of this technology, the Dyson motor is able to operate more efficiently even though it is just half the size and weight of motors in conventional vacuums.

Following are some of the reliable canister models by Dyson:
– Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Canister Vacuum
– Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum
– Dyson Ball Compact Animal canister vacuum

If you are serious about having cleaner air and less allergens in your home and would welcome greater maneuverability and ease of handling, a canister vacuum from Dyson is your ideal choice. Take a few minutes to check out the complete line of Dyson products and finally get rid of the dust and allergens in your home. Its easy to order direct from Dyson and take advantage of their free delivery, excellent customer service as well as their full selection of parts and accessories.

Of course you also can order the Dyson products from the online stores like Amazon, ebay, Sears, etc. Else, you can go to the local vacuum stores to test or seek some professional advices for the particular model that you intent to order. Its recommended you read the customer reviews online and do the price comparisons before you really order it. Some online stores also offer free shipping.

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