Canister Vacuum And Upright Vacuum Explained

Maintaining your home requires you to have the right tools and products on hand so that you can continually keep up with the dirt and debris that comes in to your home. You can make sure your home is always looking its best by cleaning on a regular basis and using the best products for your needs to get the job done right. There is nothing more comforting then having a clean and well kept home; as it gives you a sense of accomplishment and keeps your home looking its best at all times.

One of the most important tools required to maintain a house is a vacuum cleaner. Though many options, styles, brands and types are available one of the first issues you need to address is the great debate of upright vs canister vacuum and which one will work best for you. To make the right decision you need to evaluate the pros and cons of both styles so that you can make the best, most informed decision as some vacuums are quite pricey and thus you want to make sure you choose wisely.

Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums have roughly the same functionality as an upright with the difference being that you pull the canister behind you and use the wand to vacuum. This gives you slightly better control as you have a typically smaller floor head and you also are only pushing and pulling the lighter weight portion that performs the sucking action.

Todays best canister models can turn easily and are lighter weight compared to those in the past. You can, in the same manner as an upright, swap out the floor cleaning head for other attachments based on the area you are cleaning. Canisters are also easier to store as you can lay the floor wand down and store in smaller areas compared to uprights which require more height space for storage.

Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums are those that stand upright and work by pushing the entire mechanism over the floor and areas you want to clean. For some people, an upright is heavier as the entire vacuum, including the motor, is being moved as you vacuum. The majority of uprights these days have a self propelled action which means that you are getting automated assistance from the vacuum to help move and manipulate the machine.

In addition, some models also have swivel action which allows you to make tight turns and reach corners in an easier fashion compared to models that do not have such an option. You can also use the attachments for the vacuum to use your upright for cleaning furniture, blinds, curtains, soft surfaces and small spaces. The attachments pop off and on as needed and you can use your upright for such specialized cleaning.


The choice is one of preference and truly comes down to what you are most comfortable in using. The upright vs canister vacuum debate is one that has strong feelings on both sides as many people have been accustomed to using one or the other and thus tend to stick with what they know best. One of the things that has changed over time is the advanced technology, lighter materials used for the vacuum itself and better overall ability of all vacuums makes it almost impossible to determine a clear and true winner when pitting the two styles against one another.

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